• A typical house
  • A container
  • A taller house
  • A vendor stand
  • The power plant
  • Town hall
  • Zephyr Citizen
  • Zephyr Engineer
  • Zephyr Patrol Guard
  • A Zephyr Astronaut.
  • Brendan the Janitor
  • Map
  • Infected Engineer
  • Walkers used by engineers that were infected
  • Uber Claw Spiel, an extreme gear vendor, made by Declan GamerX
  • The gear used in the survival instance, made by Declan GamerX
  • Dr. Halfer

Zephyr is a world designed by Captain Icarus and Declan GamerX. It is a platform city built on a meteor whose main use is to house minfigures, however the project was terminated after the explosion at the Power Plant. Zephyr mainly uses red crystals in order to power itself and Dr. Halfer's project with the Time Rift. It will also house a survival instance, Power Plant Meltdown.

Pre-Gameplay Era

In an attempt to be recognized, X (or Xander Heinist as he was known then) worked on finding an energy source when some Eclipse scientists began working on a starbase called Zephyr. Once Zephyr was finished Xander wanted in on it. Xander and Dr. Caries made an energy to run Zephyr, as it requires a lot of power. However Echs Ray came across the blueprints for it and made it before Xander and Caries. Zephyr then began running on red power cells which are converted into electricity at the Zephyr Power Plant. When Xander protested against Echs Ray the Nexus Force accused him of lying and took away his lab and fired him, and the job of handling Zephyr was handed to Dr. Halfer.

Gamplay Era

After an explosion at the Power Plant most of the engineers and workers, including Werman Kerr, were infected with a Crimstonium based diseased known as ARC (The red crystal contained in the plant's power cells), and Maelstrom, giving them Holostromic body parts. This made it hard for Dr. Halfer to continue on his work with opening the Time Rift. He hires the player to help him get it up and running in exchange for a large amount of coins. After the chain is finished and the Time Rift is accessible, a mission chain involving Mayor Ardere will also be available.

Areas of Interest

  • East Zephyr
  • West Zephyr
  • Town Hall
  • Power Plant
  • Time Rift


  • The Vendor Stands will have the same design as Summit Outpost's Vendor Stands and are simply recolored.

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