The Windigo is a silent, dark creature that lives in the caves of Tiriana, the Southern part of Animal Acres. The Windigos are believed to be keepers of dark, enchanted artifacts. Those who can even find the Windigos have no way to prove they are real, because to everyone who hasn't seen them, they are just legend. The Windigos are black shadow horses. They have black wings, and their eyes are dark red.

Windigos have an important, truthful history. They were once bright, happy creatures just like any other. But the coldness and bitterness of the war made them dark, silent creatures. They have chosen no side, but if either side threatens the other, you can be certain they will watch, and possibly make a move.

The Windigos can be tamed by using your wits. If you offend this creature you will be in very deep trouble. The Windigo will try to destroy you.


  • Windigos are based off of Native American folk-tale monsters that live during winter.
  • Windigos are based on the horse breed Oldenburg, along with a legendary creature called a Pegasus.


  • windigos can be tamed, but you must be kind and patient to them, because it was a long Time ago when they were actually peaceful.
  • when battling a fully infected windigo, Get imagination and hold it up to the windigo. If you're lucky, the windigo will transform into a tamed windigo state.


Windigos: Top left: female Windigo. Top right: Male Windigo. First windigo: Windigo Ruler (unknown gender.)


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