Warlord Rank 3

The Warlord is a Guardians faction specialty. The kits consist mainly of golden armor and use scythes made of gold reinforced with Imagitium. They're slightly less honorable than the other kits, and lean a bit more to Eclipse techniques.


Rank 1:

Rank 2:

Rank 3:

  • Golden Helm: +2 Armor, +1 Imagination. Special: Headbash that damages the enemy that's closest, if in range, doing 5 damage
  • Goldspine Armor: +3 Armor, +2 Imagination. Special: Causes spikes of gold to pop up out of the ground, each doing 5 damage to an enemy it hits.
  • Goldscythes: +2 Armor, +3 Imagination. 4+2+5, 2 second recharge, charge up does a coordinated swipe with each scythe, doing 4 damage. Offhand: Reflects light, shooting a beam of light at the nearest enemy, doing 5 damage.
  • Mail Shirt: +3 Armor, +2 Imagination
  • Gold-Belted Pants: +2 Armor, +2 Imagination
  • Bonuses:

    • 4-piece: +1 Armor, + 1 Imagination
    • 5-piece: +1 Armor, +1 Imagination
    • 6-piece: +1 Armor, +1 Imagination
  • Total: +15 Armor, +12 Imagination
  • Conquest Staff

    Conquest Staff, the Warlord Valiant

    Valiant Weapon: Conquest Staff: 2+3+6, charge up does 3 damage to all enemies in front of the player. Offhand fires 3 beams of light, doing 4 damage to 3 enemies.


  • None yet

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