Vanguard is a Guardian Specialty. Gaining all Vanguard rank 3 pieces allows you to buy the Classic Vanguard from the rank 3 Guardians vendor. It is based off of the vanguard set from LEGO Universe Pre-Alpha, that was never released, as well as the original Sentinel Grunt from the same game.


Rank 1:

Rank 2:

Rank 3:

Lance of Protection

  • Damage Combo: 3+4+3
  • Charge-up: Does a sweeping attack,doing 5 damage and knocks back enemies. (4 imagination)
  • Offhand: Summons a horse that you can ride, and increases your armor by +1. (uses 4 imagination)
  • Heart +0 Armour +2 Imagination +3

Vanguard's Helm

  • Makes you your weapon, doing 4 damage to enemies in front of you. (uses 3 imagination)
  • Heart +0 Armour +4 Imagination +2

Vanguard's Armor

  • Heart +0 Armour +1 Imagination +4

Vanguard's Leggings

  • Heart +0 Armour +2 Imagination +2

Vanguard's Shoulderpads

  • Does 3 quick high jump attacks, doing 4 damage for each attack (+4+4+4) (uses 5 Imagination)
  • Heart +0 Armour +5 Imagination +3

4-Piece Bonus

  • Heart +0 Armour +2 Imagination +2

5-Piece Bonus

  • Heart +0 Armour +3 Imagination +3

Total Stat Increase

  • Heart +0 Armour +17 Imagination +21



  • This class is based off of the Pre-Alpha Sentinel Guard from Lego Universe.

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