Ok, so since we are creating a LEGO game, we need a way to get LEGO models from their LEGO Digital Designer or LDraw stage into a format a game can use such as OBJ or NIF stage (Both can be opened in NifSkope and and OBJ file can be imported into Unity 3D. I dunno about other programs...). I have been reseaching and I have finally found a way!

Ok, so first you need a program called LDraw (link: This gives you the parts you need (the DAT files). Then, you need an add-on called LdrDat2Obj (Link: This converts LDR (LDraw files) to OBJ files (which NifSkope and Unity can import). You can create models in LDraw or create them in LDD (LEGO Digital Designer can export models as LDR files). Then, install LdrDat2Obj and LDraw. Pull up LdrDat2Obj. It will ask you to find the LDR file and then choose where to save it. Also, it will want the parts. Find the file called mklist.exe (I have uploaded it, along with the parts folder. Download it here. it might not work though. If not, get LDraw). Click the button "Find Parts". Choose this file (on my computer it is under C:\Program Files\LDraw\). Then click convert (you can use the Batch Convert to convert more then one file). Now you have an OBJ file. You can either download Unity 3.5 (Link; or NifSkope (Link: NifSkope can import OBJ or 3DS files and save them as NIF files). This is all now...I will put more if I find out more!

Have fun creating and exporting objects for Nexus Adventures!

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