Theme Maelstrom
World Kingdoms World
Weapon/Tool Various Weapons

The troll maybe will be featured in the Kingdoms world as a boss or just an enemy. Not much is known other than the trolls attacks below.

Mountain Troll

This is the basic entry level troll. It is often the first troll players will encounter.


  • Club Swipe
    • Swipes club dealing 3 damage.
  • Roar
    • The Mountain Troll roars and stuns you for 3 seconds.

Dark Troll

These trolls are more agressive than Mountain Trolls. They have a larger aggro range, meaning they can "see" players farther away than Mountain Trolls.


  • Side-Swipe
    • The Dark Troll swipes at the player, dealing 5 damage.
  • Roar
  • The Dark Troll roars at the player, stunning the player for 6 seconds.
  • roll attack
  • the dark troll rolls in a spiked ball dealing 4 damage stunning you for 3 seconds

Regal Troll

Even though they don't appear regal, they are the higher ranked and respected of trolls. They are much larger than Mountain Trolls and Dark Trolls.


  • Mace Fling
    • The Regal Troll swings his mace at the player dealing 7 damage.
  • Ground Punch
    • The Regal Troll hits the ground, dealing 1 damage and knocking the player back.
  • Pick Up
    • The most uncommon move, the Regal Troll picks up the player, and throws them back dealing 9 damage.
Note: The attacks of the Regal Troll are slower, and therefore easier to dodge.

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