Trey Buchet
Trey Buchet
Theme Medieval
World Kingdoms World
Quote Unknown
Weapon/Tool Broadsword & Shield

Trey Buchet is an NPC in the Kingdoms World. He was formerly named Blue Steel. The most novice member of Sir Mounted's knights, Trey Buchet is nonetheless a force to be reckoned with in battle. He is the first minifig you meet upon landing in the Kingdoms World, and is generally kind towards new recruits. </span>


Missions for Trey Buchet


  • He was originally named Blue Steel, and

    Blue Steel, the NPC that Trey Buchet replaced

    was the brother of Iron Steel. Iron Steel has since been changed to Dakota Arms, and Dakota and Trey bear no relation to one another.
  • He takes the term "knight in shining armor" very seriously, and spends an hour a day polishing his armor to give it that blinding shine. He was rated Knight That Hath Armour Most Shinee at the 527th annual Knight Day.
  • His name is a play on the name of a type of medieval catapult, the trebuchet.

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