Thomas Bell
Thomas Bell
Theme Creator Science
World Bob Plaza
Quote Promotion; 99% off!
Weapon/Tool N/A

Items Sold on Region

Item/Gear Name Powers Life Armor Imagination Cost Sale Price Picture
Mythran Jetpack Flying/Gliding 0 4 5 1,000 500 Mythran Jetpack
White Horse Faster Running,HigherJumping None None None 10000 1000 White Horse Mount
Brown Horse Faster Running,HigherJumping None None None 10000 1000 Brown Horse Mount
Dragon Flying & Gliding None None None 100000 10000 Dragon Mount
Frankfurter of Attraction Items are attracted to you for one minute. None None None 300 30 Frankfurter of Attraction


  • He is based off of Professor Brickkeeper.
  • His name combines Thomas Edison, who invented the light bulb, and Alexander Graham Bell, who invented the phone, two scientists that changed the world as we know it.
  • His previous name was Crazy Scientist
    Crazy Scientist

    Crazy Scientist old design. Now Thomas Bell.

  • Even though he says the itmes are 99% off,the items have the same value.

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