Team Summit is a Non Nexus Force Faction created by Captain Icarus. They don mountain style gear and have  powerful weapons. They are led by Dr. Caries, and co led by Cyrus Pinky .


180px-Ts logo

Team Summit, Logo.

After X went missing and his whereabouts were discovered, Dr. Caries, X's mentor, volunteered to go to Sector 9, along with his good friend, a Sentinel Knight,Cyrus Pinky. They had heard of a minifig matching X's description entering the portal on a small rocket. Caries and Cyrus went in pursuit of the rocket, but lost it when they were struck down by Maelstrom Lightning. After he crashed on a small asteroid he set up a small camp. Cyrus gave him the idea of setting up an alternative to the Nexus Force.

The first thing Caries saw was a mountain in a distance, when the name Team Summit came to him. It was a relatively small team but it had a base (built by the Nexus Force) and three kits, each with powerful weapons. Although Caries is the leader of Team Summit, Cyrus is usually in the field with other members of his team.

They have several outposts dotted around Sector 9. Which are used to study various places and they report their findings to Eclipse of the Nexus Force, which builds trust between Team Summit and the Nexus Force.

They also use Summit Speeders to help them get around quicker



The Welder uses an Ember Handle to reduce enemies to toast! With the powerful weapon and hard as steel gear, no Maelstrom goon wants to cross this guy!



The Miner uses a Laser Digger to cut through any material! If it can cut through titanium, there's no reason why it can't cut through a Maelstrom brigade!



The Climber uses a Clinch Hook to scale the tallest obstacles! Grab onto any infected trooper and he wont cause any more problems!



  • All of Team Summit's gear follows a Green/Silver color scheme.
  • Summit means top of a mountain.
  • The Nexus Force strive to recruit Dr. Caries back into the Nexus Force.

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