Starbase 5000 is the Headquarters for Zachs Creatures/Team Alpha in LNA.

Base Design

Starbase 5000 is planet that was attacked by the Maelstrom in an attempt to locate the First Builders. Several minifigs had come aboard the Station to avoid the Maelstrom. CAPTAINZACH and his team found the Minifigs on the Station fighting the Stromlings. The Maelstrom corruption had spread to other worlds, including Earth. The Station is currently under repairs, As you come out of the transporter, you see a dirt pit. Construction Foreman Eartha Digger tells you to use the crane to fix the road and continue to Acting Faction Leader Maj, Tom Chaffee. The Station looks like a nine-pointed star. The points each contain launchpads to various planets. The first contains the transporter to Learn and Build Station. Is also contains the Dirt Pit. The Second (headed to the right) heads to Planet Dive In and contains a water park. The third heads to Jungla and houses the lauchpads to the biodomes. The fourth heads to Starbase 2000 and holds the Engineering Section. The fifth is the launchpad to Tread’s World and holds the access to the Base’s racetrack. The sixth is the launchpad to a City on Earth and houses the Medical Bay. The seventh is heads to the Mars Base and houses the Communications Tower. The eighth holds the launchpad to Moon Base 27 and holds the access to the minigames. The Ninth is the Starship Launch Point for the space around the station. You must be a ZC/TA member to access the launchpads, but the Team often grants limited access passes to Nexus Force members.


The NPC's will be:

Sam Ner : Pet Tamer/Pet Item Vendor

Eartha Digger: Construction Foreman

Dr. Frank N. Stein: Scienist

E3X-490: Robot

Furry : Dog

Dr. Anita Hand: Medic

Maj. Tom Chaffee: Acting Faction Leader/Rocket Vendor

Carl Crank: Mechanic

Computer: Starbas Operating System/Vault Manager

C. Reginald Brickworth: Tailor

Mark Sman: Gear Vendor

Oliver Smile: Mini Game NPC

Mike Stan: Communications Expert

Steve Mer: Railroad Engineer


  • The Nine Points on Starbase 5000 symbolize Sector 9.

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