Sphinx Ninja Master
Sphinx Ninja Master Profile
Theme Alien Ninja
World Maelstrom Reach
Weapon/Tool Energy Saber, Laser pistol

The Sphinx Ninja Master is an alien NPC on Maelstrom Reach. He is the last survivor of a alien species known as the Sporax. He is constructed out of various parts from varying creatures through out space and time. He, like other members of his kind, can absorb energy and parts from any living being to pro-long their survival. He spends most of his time in the old Dark Lightning section of the Nexus base below Maelstrom Reach, studying the data seeing if there is anything that may help their cause.


  • His ability to absorb/take parts and energy from other beings makes him able to withstand Maelstrom infection.
  • Having this ability, makes him a vary respected member of Eclispe.
  • His ability also explains why he looks so weird and has a variety of weapons.
  • His ability also allows him and others of his kind, to obtain the skills, and abilities of the beings who's parts they absorb.

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