• S9 SPEED/Space Station.
  • S9 SPEED Armory.
  • S9 SPEED Control Room.

The Space Station also know as the S9 SPEED which stands for (Sector 9, Strategically Placed Emergency Escape Dome). Is the first battle instance world the player visits after completing certain missions aboard the N.S. Sky Lane. This station is fairly small and houses the Maelstrom Generator, a creature created from the station's generator after being infected by the Maelstrom. Four cannons can be seen with-on the station and constantly firing at the N.S. Sky Lane till the Maelstrom Generator is destroyed.


  • The model for this world used to be Itotherius, a planned world for AtomicScientist game Astro Brick.
  • The S9 SPEED is a world instance within LNA. Meaning it can be played like a world and battle instance.