Possible Sector 9 Logo

Sector 9 is a confirmed chain of worlds, much like the "Universe" in LU referenced in LNA as Sector 1. Sector 9 contains a chain of worlds that in the story mostly originated from Sector 1 when Crux exploded. However there are a dozen or so world chunks that originated from Sector 9's native planets. . More Sectors may be released after the game is finished.

Current Worlds in LNA:


Type Size A.K.A: Summary Sector Origin
N.S. Sky Lane Ship Medium NE Initial World Sector 1
Imagination Gardens Planet Medium IG Peaceful Green Sector 1
Bob Plaza Space Station/ Hub world Small BP Peace World/Vendors Station built in Sector 9
Nexus HQ N/A Medium HQ Faction world Tower built in Sector 9
Animal Acres Place in a World Small Pet Place Pet Area Sector 1
Crux Minor Chunk of Planet Crux Medium CM Main Creator World Sector 1
Maelstrom Reach Planet Chunk Medium MR Medium Maelstrom World Sector 1
Cyberplexus Cyperspatial Area Huge CP All Levels VR created in Sector 9
Time Rift Rift Medium TR Being Added in update Sector 9
Shock Mountain Planet Medium SM Being Added in update Sector 9
Zephyr Station build on a Meteor Small Z Mainly Vendors with some Maelstrom Station built in Sector 9
Miner Gardations Cave system Medium MG Mining maelstrom area Sector 1
Brick Village Village world Medium BV Enemy free village. Sector 1
Nexus Temple Barren temple world. Small. NT Deadly enemies. Sector 1
Out 'N' About Forests Forest's within LNA Large ONAF Highly dangerous enemies. Sector 9 chunks of main planet
Planet Imagination Planet containing all pure Imagination Huge PI No enemies. Sector 9
Properties Planet chunks to build on within LNA. Vary in size. Prop No enemies. Sector 9
Starbase 5000 The Headquarters for Zachs Creatures/Team Alpha Medium S5000 No enemies. Base built in Sector 9
SteamMars Steam Punk world. Huge SM Some enemies. Sector 9
Rank Bush Garden area. Large RB No enemies Sector 1
Create Station Viewing station. Small CS No enemies. Station build in Sector 9
Dinosaur World Land of the reptiles. Large DW Deadly enemies. Sector 1
Space Station World Battle Instance Medium SS or S9 SPEED Large, but not necessarily deadly enemy. Station built in Sector 9
Kingdoms World Battle World Large KW Deadly enemies. Sector 1
Nunchago Battle & PVP Medium N Harmful enemies Sector 1