Possible Sector 9 Logo

Sector 9 is a confirmed chain of worlds, much like the "Universe" in LU. Sector 9 is the chain of worlds that the player will play in. More Sectors may be released after the game is finished.

Current Worlds in Sector 9:


Type Size A.K.A: Summary
N.S. Sky Lane Ship Medium NE Initial World
Imagination Gardens Planet Medium IG Peaceful Green
Bob Plaza Space Station/ Hub world Small BP Peace World/Vendors
Nexus HQ N/A Medium HQ Faction world
Animal Acres Place in a World Small Pet Place Pet Area
Crux Minor Chunk of Planet Crux Medium CM Main Creator World
Maelstrom Reach Planet Chunk Medium MR Medium Maelstrom World
Cyberplexus Cyperspatial Area Huge CP All Levels
Time Rift Rift Medium TR Being Added in update
Shock Mountain Planet Medium SM

Being Added in update

Zephyr Station build on a Meteor Small Z Mainly Vendors with some Maelstrom
Miner Gardations Cave system Medium MG Mining maelstrom area
Brick Village Village world Medium BV Enemy free village.
Hub World List of hubs within LNA. Unknown HW None.
Nexus Temple Barren temple world. Small. NT Deadly enemies.
Out 'N' About Forests Forest's within LNA Large ONAF Highly dangerous enemies.
Planet Imagination Planet containing all pure Imagination Huge PI No enemies.
Properties Planet chunks to build on within LNA. Vary in size. Prop No enemies.
Starbase 5000 The Headquarters for Zachs Creatures/Team Alpha Medium S5000 No enemies.
SteamMars Steam Punk world. Huge SM Some enemies.
Rank Bush Garden area. Large RB No enemies
Create Station Viewing station. Small CS No enemies.
Dinosaur World Land of the reptiles. Large DW Deadly enemies.
Space Station World Battle Instance Medium SS or S9 SPEED Large, but not necessarily deadly enemy.
Kingdoms World Battle World Large KW Deadly enemies.
Nunchago Battle & PVP Medium N Harmful enemies

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