Sam Ner
Sam Ner
Theme Team Alpha/Pet Trainer
World Starbase 5000
Weapon/Tool Telescope

Samantha Ner is an NPC at Starbase 5000.


Sam followed her sister Cloe to Bob Plaza . There they had a fight over Sam’s decision to be a Pet Tamer and went their separate ways, Cloe to Cyberplexus , and Sam to Animal Acres . During her brief stay on that planet she met Coalessa. They quickly became friends. When the Maelstrom Wolves attacked, she discovered the pad to NNFF station. She took a shuttle from NNFF Station. She was found on Starbase 5000 when CAPTAINZACH and his crew arrived. She had assumed that the abandoned Starbase was safe from the Maelstrom infection that was spreading throughout Sector 9 (Cloe’s reaction to Sam’s message: “At least she’s OK.”) After Team Alpha cleared the Station of Stromlings, she decided to join Team Alpha as the resident Pet Tamer . Due to the amount of Maelstrom around the various worlds, Communications outside of the Team Alpha Planets is impossible. Because of this, Sam asks players to see Mike Stan about the Communications Problems. Upon the player’s return, she asks them to take messages to Coalessa and Cloe on a regular basis.


  • Best Friends
  • Communication Trouble
  • Sam’s Message
  • Involved in: A Proposal

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