Phillip Profile
Theme Miner
World Miner Gardations
Quote I love to dig.
Weapon/Tool Pickaxe

Phillip is a miner in Miner Gardations. He is one of the last miners that is not infected, he also owns operates the Crystal Token Shop. His friend is Greg.


Missions for Phillip
*(DAILY) Stop the Miners
    • Defeat 20 Infected Miners
      • Rewards: 10 Crystal Tokens
*(DAILY) Drill Problems
    • Use the drill tools to fix 3 drills
    • (BONUS) Defeat 10 Infected Miners
      • Reward: 20 Crystal Tokens
*Get to the Base
    • Go to the base underground in the Lava Areas
      • Rewards: Rank 1 Lava Miner Kit, 50 Crystal Tokens, 1500 XP

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