• The forest part 1
  • The forest part 2 (backside)
  • The forest part 2 (frontside)
  • Concept art.

Out 'N' About Forests are large forests in Sector 9. They include Giant Spider and Tree Snake  enemies. The enemies in the Out 'N' About Forests also include the Skeleton Boss which can be found in the Bone Rock. The Giant Spiders and Tree Snakes are exclusive to the Out 'N' About Forests.


  • Daniel Weaksword (a Lost Knight),
  • Redbeard the Pirate (a Pirate Captain)
  • and more....

Music from the Out 'N' About Forests can be heard in the video below.

Evil Skeleton Enemy LNA

The 3D Model for the skeleton boss

Pirate 3D Model NPC LNA

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