Faction Logos

Faction Logos.

The Nexus Force is an army of minifigures formed to combat the Maelstrom.  It was originally formed to combat The Darkitect's Maelstrom in the Nexus War . Once it had been defeated, the Nexus Force was disbanded for a period of time.

A few years later, the Maelstrom Imperium returned, and the Nexus Force was reorganized. It is broken up into four factions, and each Faction currently has three specialty kits. It's headquarters is the Nexus HQ. Players now begin their initiation into the Nexus Force after completing a mission for the Nexus Guy in Nexus HQ, but do not join a faction until they return to Bob Plaza .

Notable Minifigures

Anne Chient

Newton Q. Overbuild

Lord Protectus

Ferdinard Radboud

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