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Hey there!

  • We have a bunch of other sites filled with everything from Fan Content to fun explore-able models. Check them out here
  • As a side note, we will be editing the main page of this wiki a lot to try to jazz up the wiki and our other sites as LNA goes into the new year. 
  • We also changed the Featured Article to the Monthly Article, so every month this section will be changed with the new article selected for that month.
  • If you haven't yet we would like to encourage you to visit the LNA Suggestion wiki . This wiki is used as a holding place for all LNA fan ideas and is checked daily and looked through for amazing ideas to be put in-game.
  • We would also like to encourage all our fans and followers to keep on eye on our Facebook and Twitter page as many things are briefly announced there, do to the ability to instantly post small updates.
  • And if your looking for some where to post your own worlds, stories, and fun filled fan content please feel free to do so at our Fanon wiki .
  • We used to have an "Adding Content" area on the front page, that explained how to make edits to the wiki, etc.. This has been removed since this wiki is only to be edited by LNA Members, aside from user blogs, and talk pages.
  • You all know or should know that LNA was dead but is now being worked on by the LNA Staff, and we would like to encourage you to enjoy the wiki, our website and other LNA related sites/content.

Official Rules of LNA:

  • Nothing inappropriate (that includes cussing) anywhere, not even on chat.
  • Don't reply to comments, blogs, or wall posts that haven't had activity in more than a month.
  • (To those not on the LNA team) You are free to observe us, but do NOT post your own designs or start making random edits to pages, unless you are officially on the LNA team. We'd also prefer you don't comment or make blogs or edit to this wiki at all unless you have an account.
  • You must have a Wikia Account to be part of LNA.
  • Don't go around asking a bunch of questions or asking when is the game coming out. We shall announce when the game is ready, when it enters a new phase such as Alpha or Beta, and so forth.
  • No spamming.
  • If a page uses personal pronouns (e.g. if it has a title like "My Ideas for Enemies" or has something like "These are my ideas" in it), it probably belongs in a blog post.
  • Don't go making blogs saying "LNA is dead" etc.
  • Do not make pages for your user. Just use your userpage.
  • Don't post comments or edits where every word is capitalized at the beginning, it hurts people's eyes.

Rules by Doomslicer Edited by Zax

Community Corner

  • The LNA Site is where you can read all the latest goings on with LNA, participate in the development, read the LNA FLash our new news feed, and download LNA pre-alpha when it is finished! LNA's website.
  • Note: The LNA Game is not ready yet, but we are working hard on finishing up some minor issues with our Alpha test.
  • If you were a member of LNA in the past and did work for it please go here
  • Have a question that needs an answer? Go here.

Monthly Article

LEGO Nexus Adventures: The Story

LEGO Nexus Adventures: The Story is a book is written by Roseann Shadowflame and ZaxZax12 with Ideas from Doomslicer and various LNA fans. Resh is a co-writer of The Next Generation series, no other editors, or writers have been taken yet. Read more Here

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