Newton Q. Overbuild
Newton Q. Overbuild
Theme Creator
World Nexus HQ
Quote Imagination is the only hope

against the Maelstrom!

Weapon/Tool Bio-Cybernetic Arms

Newton Q. Overbuild , the son of Dr. Overbuild, is the current leader of the Creators. After Dr. Overbuild married Coalessa they had one child. Named Newton, he was a brilliant genius, and had powerful imagination abilities. With the help of his best friend, Minatthew D. Muckrake, Newton constructed his armor and Robotic Arms.

When Newton was 13 and Minatthew was 14, they, with several other minifigs, were sent to re-explore S9 on a ship called the N.S. Victory. But when they got there, they discovered that the The Maelstrom Imperium had risen again and took over Sector 9. As they were trapped in S9, the NF could still send supplies and minifigs in, he and the rest of the N.S. Victory crew decided to form new Factions.

Newton created the Creators. Newton himself asked Minatthew to make what would become Eclipse, and he did, but he gave up the highest position in it to Anne Chient, saying that while he would still be second in command, he'll try and find a way to make it non-dangerous, so that Paradox and Eclipse agents can still use their maelstrom grade weapons once it's defeated, and so minifigs who can control maelstrom can still have powers. Newton is best friends with his brother Minatthew along with Anne Chient and Lord Protectus, though he doesn't fully trust Ferdinard Radboud as much, as he is unsure that the Pirates will want to endure the cost of the first Maelstrom War again.


  • Like His father, he has two robotic arms. However, unlike his father, his arms are longer and more flexible.
  • Like his father, he has a Robot Dog named Quasar.
  • The Q in his name stands for Quantum, as in Quantum Physics.

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