The N.S. Victory is the ship that the faction leaders Lord Protectus , Newton Q. Overbuild, Anne Chient, and Ferdinard Radboud, along with many others, traveled in on their adventure to re-explore Sector 9.


The N.S. Victory was a giant version of the Venture Explorer, with better engines, weapons, safety systems, and escape pods. It was built for Exploration/Colonization of other Sectors around the Crux System. They went to explore S9, a far off system. There they found that the Maelstrom had sent out a seed during the war from which to regenerate itself should it be defeated. The new Maelstrom then created a sort of rift-like field that allowed minifigs to enter S9 but not escape. The Crew of the N.S.Victory then decided to try to contact the S1 Command. However, at the time, the Nexus Force wouldn't be able to get to S9 for a week due to the distance. So the crew of the N.S. Victory formed a new Nexus Force and created factions. The founders of the factions went out to explore S9 on their own, leaving Faction Leaders to manage the factions.

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