The N.S. Imperia is a ship through Sector 9 as a transport in line with the N.S. Sky Lane these ships carry the best of the best minifigures in the galaxy.

After the incident on the Venture Explorer in the Nimbus systems, the Nexus Force decided to launch 2 ships, the Sky Lane and the Imperia, the Sky Lane's job is to transport new recruits and the Imperia's job is to study the space of Sector 9, however the Nexus Force lost contact with it and when the player goes there all is fine, but during it they find that MAYOR ARDERE had taken over the ship and is heading for Nexus HQ to destroy it.

There is a boss battle and once defeated everything is normal, however a time machine made by the Eclipse  allows you to go back in time and battle him again. In the boss battle you shall first have to go through 10 waves of Maelstrom enemies getting harder each wave with two minutes per wave then you face the boss at the end.

This page was made by Declan GamerX and Captain Icarus. ( to be continued )

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