Mira Mist
Mira Mist Profile
Theme Eclipse
World Unknown
Quote The Maelstrom is unpredictable?

Yes very predictable.

Weapon/Tool Infected Katanas

Mira Mist is a member of Eclipse. She is the rep (representitive) of Eclipse, and one of Anne Chient's closest friends. Mira Mist wears black and purple, and carries two staffs. She sometimes appears different, and may be played by an actual character sometimes. Mira is dedicated, and has faced the maelstrom alone many times. She was infected once, but was saved by the faction leaders when Anne Chient found that Imagination, if put directly to said infected person, would remove all traces of Maelstrom, if applied in time. Mira Mist owns a horse named Heart that is briefly shown in a cutscene, and is sometimes mentioned.


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