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  • Hi, welcome to Nexus Adventures Wiki! Thanks for your edit to the User:Jeyo page. Please read the these rules before doing anything else.

    • Nothing inappropriate (that includes cussing, or even going and putting the first letter of the cuss after wt) anywhere, not even on chat.
    • Don't reply to comments, blogs, or wall posts that haven't had activity in more than a month.
    • (To those not on the LNA team) You are free to observe us, but do NOT post your own designs or start making random edits to pages, unless you are officially on the LNA team. We'd also prefer you don't comment or make blogs or edit to this wiki at all unless we give you permission.
    • You must have a Wikia Account to be part of LNA. We'd prefer that users who don't have an account not even be on our wiki.
    • Don't go around asking a bunch of questions or asking when is the game coming out. We shall announce when the game is ready, when it enters a new phase such as Alpha or Beta, and so forth.
    • No spamming.
    • If a page uses personal pronouns (e.g. if it has a title like "My Ideas for Enemies" or has something like "These are my ideas" in it), it probably belongs in a blog post.
    • Do not make pages for your user. Just use your userpage.
    • Don't post comments or edits where every word is capitalized at the beginning, it hurts people's eyes.

    If you need help, feel free to leave one of the staff a message. Do not just go around commenting and posting ideas. If you wish to contribute to LNA please use visit the LNA Suggestions Area. You can check the news to keep up-to-date with the latest news around LNA.

    We are in need of Blender modelers and Unity coders. Otherwise, we don't want any help. We have enough "LDDers."

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