Mega mythran

The Mega-Mythran is a giant made of Imagitium, and can be used as a powerful weapon to obliterate the Maelstrom. The Nexus Force's top scientists made it to hopefully, and completely destroy the Maelstrom. However the player can corrupt it. It is made of mostly Imagitium combined with ancient technology.


  • The Nexus Force create a weapon that they think could destroy the Maelstrom.
  • They put a shield over it to prevent it from losing power.
  • The scientists celebrate over their inevitable victory.
  • The Mega-Mythran is made! However if you choose to help the Maelstrom...
  • You (or some crazy Mail man) sneak in with a vial of Maelstrom.
  • And inject it straight into the Imagination thing! (No name yet)
  • It is completely corrupted!
  • The shield is put over and the scientist put it in the robot, unwillingly making...


  • Its the strongest weapon.
  • The whole Nexus Force contributed to it, However X and Dr. Caries were the ones who came up with the idea. However, X turned evil before it was made and Caries became the leader of Team Summit .
  • There could be a series of missions linked to it either espionage for the Maelstrom (leading to its corruption) or finding parts and gathering imagitium for the Nexus Force (leading to its creation)
  • It is normally a drone (unmanned) but it can be used by minfigs who have the right training.


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