"You've done well to make it here. However we can't have you messing in our plans. PREPARE TO LEARN WHAT TRUE POWER IS!"- Ardere Before the Boss Battle


Ardere's regular suit

Mayor Ardere
Mayor Ardere Hardsuit
Theme Zephyr
World N.S. Imperia
Quote "Such Brilliance...."
Weapon/Tool The Three Red Crystals

Mayor Ardere was the head structural adviser of the Zephyr Program and Mayor of the city. However only used it in his plans to control Sector 9. After news of his conspiracy was discovered by the Nexus Force, leading of Zephry and the power plant project was handed over to Dr. Halfer. Arere has two outfits: A tan business suit and his hard-suit powered by Three Red Crystals. He can be fought inside the N.S. Imperia.


The three red crystals that power Ardere's Hard-suit are not, but commonly mistaken as The Three Red Crystals.

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