Maelstrom Yucca Plant
Maelstrom Yucca Plant
Theme Maelstrom
World Imagination Gardens

Maelstrom Yucca Plants are the only Maelstrom infected being in Imagination Gardens, however they do not attack, and studies show they are incapable of spreading the infection, and they simply look nice.

These plants can give the great and powerful Lord of the New Maelstrom vision of the Nexus Force's future plans. It is a spy of the Maelstrom, but appears to be nothing but a plant.

It is able to grow only in the Imagination Gardens because of the fertile soil there, many studies show that while this plant is Maelstrom it uses Imagination and puts out some sort of invisible gas.


  • Due to Maelstrom infection, they require no feeding, watering etc.

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