Maelstrom Hardsuits
Maelstrom Hardsuit
Theme Maelstrom
World Cyberplexus
Weapon/Tool Electro Cannon

Maelstrom Hardsuits are robotic enemies in the Cyberplexus and Crux Minor worlds. Their attack varies depending on the arena of Cyberplexus they inhabit, but they have a short rapid fire attack and an electro-cannon atttack. They also can be found at the Facility on Crux Minor, except with a darker grey color.


  • Short Cannon Fire: Fires multiple Digital Maelstrom blasts quickly, causing 2 damage each.
  • Electro-Cannon Fire: Fires a ball of Maelstrom Electricity at the player, dealing 4 damage.


  • Maelstrom Hardsuits are actually stromlings merged with hardsuits by B.I.N.A.R.Y..

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