Maelstrom Cybercommando
Maelstrom Cyber Commando
Theme Maelstrom
World Cyberplexus
Weapon/Tool Digi Katana and Gun

Maelstrom Cybercommandos are an extremely difficult enemy on Cyberplexus. Each one has a gun that fires rapidly for 5 seconds, like the Wormholer in the original LEGO® Universe with a 2.5 second recharge, and a sword that, while not extremely powerful, swings so rapidly and with such a long damage combo that it can be deadly. Each cybercommando gives lots of experience and currency when defeated, as well as the chance for getting a piece of the Cybercommando armor set (10% chance with each one). Maelstrom Commandos can also create force fields (each one can only make a force field once, when they do it is completely random). While in force field mode, they gain health at 10% a second, with the force field lasting for 2.5 seconds. They can't be attacked, as the field rotates to always face the player (unless two players are attacking, then it faces the one who attacked it first). To break the field, either tw players must attack it at once, or the player must come close and interact with the shield, causing a minigame to appear where the player has to quickly click on highlighted areas of the field. If successful, the Cybercommando is automatically destroyed, and the chance of getting a piece of the Cybercommando armor set is boosted 5%. If unsuccessful, the player is pushed backward.

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