Lord Protectus
Lord Protectus
Theme Guardians
World Nexus HQ
Quote Undetermined.
Weapon/Tool Sword & Shield

Lord Protectus, is the leader of the Guardians faction, and is also an apprentice and trusted partner of Duke Exeter. He has taken charge of leading and commanding The Guardians. Protectus is a skilled swordsman and master of disguise, having trained under Duke. Protectus had taken the job of Guardian faction leader and is now creating a new army of elite knights and soldiers all sworn under the same oath as the knights battling under Duke Exeter. He has a sort of competitive rivalry with Anne Chient.


  • Lord Protectus is a play name based of the phrase Lord protect us.
  • Lord Protectus proved his strength and bravery at the tournament that decided who was brave enough to be leader.
  • Lord Protectus was a stable boy for Duke Exeter when he was young and when he heard the LEGO® Universe was gone he promised himself to be a leader and battle the Maelstrom like Duke, his master.
124px-Lord Protectus Helmet On

Lord Protectus battles X

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