LEGO Universe Rayhawk Kingdoms PVP
This Kingdoms World will be an world in Nexus Adventures. The Kingdoms world will feature lots of characters and fun for all players and it will have somes minigames.

Kingdoms World


  • Landing Area
  • Launch Area
  • Farmyard
  • Village
  • Barred Woods (This will be released later)
  • Barred Ocean (released later)
  • Barred Mountains (released later)
  • Barred Field (released later)
  • Sentinel Outpost
  • Bat Lord Castle


  • Fighting (If you attack and enemy they can attack you back, and you may start dueling)
  • Jousting (in minigames)



  • Plexis Grapple (Nexus Force Soldier)
  • Rook Cruit (Nexus Force Soldier)
  • Farmer (need name)
  • Farmer's Wife (need name)
  • Boy
  • Girl
  • Dell Eccus (Village Cook)
  • Blake Smith (Village Blacksmith)
  • Village Vendor (need name)
  • Can Numball (Vendor)
  • Mace Morningstar (Knight)
  • Hal Beard (Knight)___________________Note: names changed from Ram Steed, Jefferson K., Blue
  • Trey Buchet (Knight)_____________________Steel, Armor Steel, Notso Strong and Knight Fall____
  • Dakota Arms (Knight)
  • Lance Quintain (Knight)
  • Sir Mounted (Knight Leader)
  • Random Villager 1
  • Random Villager 2
  • Goblin King
  • Goblin Guard (Gives daily missions)
  • Goblin Warrior
  • Sir Rendir (Knight Prisioner)
  • Guardian Grunt (near launchpad to Nexus Tower)
  • Seasons Vendor (will sell seasonal models (ex: During October, he will sell Halloween models))


  • 9 Missing Bibles


Kingdomes World


  • The Final Joust (in this joust, you battle enemies) (will be released later)
  • Village Foot Race
  • Castle Survival I (will be released later)
  • Castle Survival II (will be released later)


  • Castle Medium Property (need name) (will be released later)

What Can Be Farmed (These can be sold for coins)

  • Bacon
  • Wool
  • Brick

"Pets (When these (none others) are placed on props, they act as farm animals)

  • Cow
  • Chicken
  • Sheep
  • Pig
  • Crow


  • blacksmith hammer
  • Knight Sword
  • Skeleton Scythe
  • Skeleton Flail
  • Knight Axe
  • Knight Bow
  • Skeleton Lance (Jousting Only)
  • Knight Lance (Jousting Only)
  • Vanda's Katana
  • Duke's Sword
  • Hael's Cutlass
  • Overbuild's Saw
  • Bone Axe
  • Bow and Arrow
  • Lightning Fork
  • Big Pointy Stick
  • Bone
  • Llyod's Golden Cobra Staff
  • Snake
  • Stick
  • Lightsabre
  • Wand



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