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Kayla Minnor
Kayla Minnor
Theme Nexus Force
World Crux Minor
Quote The Maelstrom will one day leave this Mine,

or my name isnt Kayla!

Weapon/Tool Mini Laser Drill and Flashlight

Kayla Minnor is a NPC on Crux Minor. Residing in the Abandoned Mine, she asks the player to rebuild 5 Electro-Barriers to prevent more Saw Mechs from getting through to the Mine. She then gives a mission to build a transmitter to the Creator Base from the pieces of 5 smashed mechs.


  • Currently her name is a play on "Miner", though it also sounds like the world's name, so her name is temporary.
  • Her first mission for the player is similar to a mission in Grarled Forest, a world in LU, where the player would build 3 barriers to prevent Maelstrom Admrials and Pirates from coming through.
  • She is one of the few "Girl NPCs" in LNA.

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