Imagichemist Logo

Imagichemist Logo

Imagichemists are a faction kit created by JordanSiah and Doomslicer. They have enough willpower to use Imagitium as a building material. They are few and far between, but serve mostly as vendors. They give out missions to collect imagitium, which they meld into new gear. They also have an immunity to maelstrom.They are lead by Arxacies


A mysterious group, developed many years ago by the mysterious Arxacies. Few minifigs have the necessary willpower to join.

Custom design By me Declan Its not brilliant but others can try there own one. Possible fail of my custom one.



An old minifig who has been in S9 long before the Maelstrom came. He is the ultimate Imagitium master and sells extremely high level and powerful gear.


Special agents that have the highest amount of willpower compared to Arxacies. They sell fairly high level gear.


Carcers are the most people consisted in Imagichemist.They are all smart and also studies the Imagitium. They sell normal level gear.

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