Fusion monster
Theme Imaelstrogination
World Shock Mountain
Weapon/Tool Imaelstrogination Lasers/Rods

Imaelstroginations are mysterious beings created by X, and are found on Shock Mountain.

Working in his lab Xander Heinist, realized that as both Imagination and Maelstrom are both as strong as each other then if they were "Fused" together they would make the perfect weapon. Xander eventually created a creature that had both, however it exploded as it was heavily unstable, so he worked hard to find a stabilizer. He found one called The Resolute. When the Nexus Force denied his work, he created a Fusion Pistol. After the events of Lego Universe (See the X Page) and joined the Maelstrom, the Essence gave him access to some Resolute and a lab. From his lab on Shock Mountain he created strong and stable Imaelstrogination Creatures.

On Shock Mountain they can be found as enemies, they appear in two forms, as the Mech Version (As seen above) and as smaller, non-mech version. The smaller version has less powerful weapons and less health but are faster and there are more of them, the bigger versions will have better drops and greater rewards from achievements.


  • They are hard to defeat and elite weapons are recommended.
  • Resolute is extremely rare.
  • X regards them as his children.
  • They are one of few things that scare Lord Protectus.
  • They must stay on Shock Mountain or they will explode, because they can only survive within the Mountain's mysterious field.
  • The Resolute Machine creates and stabilises them.


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