Hal Beard
Hal Beard
Theme Medieval
World Kingdoms World
Quote Unknown
Weapon/Tool Halberd & Shield

Hal Beard is an NPC in Kingdom World. He was originally going to be named Jefferson K.

The red and brown armored member of Sir Mounted's knights, Hal Beard has, as his name suggests, both a halberd and a beard. He takes great pride in weapon and facial hair alike, keeping both in tip-top shape with daily maintenance. Usually quite cheerful, Hal Beard nontheless possesses a fierce temper, which can be quickly aroused by things such as traitorous knights, goblin raids, and incompetent barbers.


None currently planned


  • His name is a reference to "Halberd" a two handed pole weapon that came into prominent use during the 14th and 15th centuries, it was also present in Lego Universe.
  • Halberd is also the name of a famous ship from the Kirby videogame series.