LEGO® Nexus Adventures

A free, fan-made (non-commercial) LEGO® Game build by a group of LEGO Fans. We are building our game in the Unity3D Game Engine, and Blender. We are using C# and JavaScript to code it all, and only using LEGO Digital Designer for piece references. We are currently in development, but check out our site for some sneak peaks!

Current status:

Developer-only Alpha 0.3 Done

Main menu: Completed

Character creator/selector: Completed

Nexus Starship: Completed

Imagination Gardens: In development

Free-build world: In development

Other worlds: Partially completed (most base models done)

Developer-only Alpha 0.4 In Development

Main menu: Redesign in progress

Character creator/selector: Update work

Nexus Starship: Name change to N.S. Skylane, and Redesign.

Imagination Gardens: Base finished, polishing and adding details.

Free-build world: In development (we've some prototypes but we're not sure which one to choose).

Other worlds: Some progress made.

Developer-only Multiplayer (Alpha 0.2) In Development

Base functionallity working, testing our existing features now and adapting them to multiplayer (since most stuff doesnt work on multiplayer).

Expected release:

Alpha 1.0 for chosen testers. Open Beta will follow soon after reaching the 1.0 milestone at the Alpha.

We hope we can release the game ASAP, but we have chosen for no deadline. This is because we don't want to get pushed and we choose quality before quantity. We want to give players a great, kinda magical experience while playing LNA so that's why we also don't want to release much info. We want to keep some things as a surprise.

Developers/Team members:

Zaxzax12 – Team Leader, 3D Modeler, GUI Design, Brick Model Optimizer (optimization), Researcher

Brick5492– Team Founder,  JavaScript and (basic) C# Programmer, Co-Leader

Carbon Shadow –   Java, C++, and C# Programmer

Onuku –  Modeler, Animation, Script Writing, Concept Art, Faction Gear Design, Texturizer

Bincredible – UnityScript and C# Programmer, Gui artist

Fustran  –  Modeler, Texturizer.

Rc – LDD model importer.

BlueKnightSam – Music Composer.

XExcisionx – Concept Artist

ThrifftyDiamonB – After Effects, Animator.

AndrematthewLNA- Modeler.

EldoradoGold- C#, Java Programmer.

Contributors/Old Members:

Legouniverse182-- Team Founder.

Allenallenallen333-- Creator of the minifigure base model.

ReshTheHiddenOne-- Ideas contributor.

ShockwavedoesMC-- NPC contributor/designer.

DoomSlicer-- LNA Story writer.

Matthew-- Ideas Contributor for Monthly Completion Center.

Jeyo -- Perfect Brick, and related LEGO brick modeling method discoverer.

Ferfature-- World, Npc, and Enemy ideas/concepts

Roseanne-- Npc, and Story ideas/concepts.

AtomicScientist-- Npc, World, and Enemy ideas/concepts.

Mvp333-- Donated Minifig, was a former world, and npc designer.

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