Furry the Dog
Furry The Dog
Theme Nexus Force
World Starbase 5000
Quote Hey pal, can you get me some cupcakes?
Weapon/Tool Paws

Furry is a dog made by CAPTAINZACH found hiding on Starbase 5000. He has a love of cupcakes and constantly sends players to get 20 of them for him. He pays the players back with lavish gifts that more than pay for his cupcakes. On rare occasions, he will get a real craving and send players to get 100 cupcakes. He will reward the player with great gifts for this. His gifts are often in the form of special gear or models.


  • Furry is based on Ferfature ’s avatar on this wiki. The cupcake bit is also from Ferfature’s profile.
  • Furry is a recolored Robot Dog (minus any decorations).


Missions for Furry the Dog
Cupcakes Galor!
Start of mission: I love Cupcakes! Get me 20 from the vending machine!
End of Mission: Thank you so much! Here are some things for your troubles
Cupcakes Galor!
Start of mission: My Cupcake craving is through the roof! Get me 100 cupcakes and please hurry!
End of mission: Thanks for your help! Hope you have room in that backpack for rare goodies you're gonna get!

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