Faction Recruit Gear is gear given to the player after they pick there Faction. After they pick, they are given the Recruit Gear for the Faction Missions to prove that they can join the faction. After they complete these missions, they are given Rank 1 Gear of a Specialty they want.

NOTE:Need Custom Printings for Guardian, Eclispe and Expiditioner Kits.


A = Armor

I = Imagination

Creator Forger

Forger Helmet: 1A, 2I. Special:Allows the user to Build a Small that shoots Enemies, doing 3 damage and lasts for 10 seconds. Costs 3 Imagination.

Forger Shirt/Chestplate: 1A 1I. Special:Shoots a Small Beam of Imagination from Chestplate, causing 4 damage for 5 seconds. Costs 5 Imagination.

Forger Pants: 0A 1I.

Forger Hammer: 1A 1I. Attack:1+2+2. Special:Restore 10 Imagination over 30 seconds. Costs 2 Imagination

Forger Wrench: 0A 1I. Special:Creates a Imagination Barrier around the player, protecting the player for 10 seconds against enemies. Costs 5 Imagination.

Eclispe Spy/ Eclipse Apprentice

Guardian Swordsman

Expiditioner Parachuter. (Has a Knapsack/Parachute on the back of his torso)
Eclipse Recruit Gear

Possible other design for the Eclipse recruit gear.

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