Faction Hardsuits are suits of armor made for brute force. They are hard to get possibly given by getting all the faction gear in one's faction. They are going to be relatively easy to program, as they have no specials, and can be used for code testing. Their stat totals add up to ten.

  • Eclipstrom: (Melee) Maestrom tendrils. 4+5+4+5+6. +3 Life, +7 Armor
  • Creatorg: Shock Staffs that shoot ranged imagination pulses: 4+3+5+6+6. +5 Imagination, +5 Armor
  • X-Peditioner: Arm Pistols that shoot lasers. 4+4+4+4+4+5. +7 Armor, +3 Imagination
  • Guarditron: (Melee) Warrior's Hammers. 5+5+6+7 (slowly). +10 Armor.

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