Dract Base with DRACTRO.

The DRACT (Distortion Recon And Containment Team) are a group of minifigs and droids that evaluate and help control distortions. They are heavily allied with the Eclipse .

They operate the S9-DRACT-1 Base in the Time Rift , but some make appearances in other worlds. The base itself only contains DRACTRO, with some minifigs remotely operating it.

The DRACTRO are lead by their leader, DENTT (Dractro Emperor with Nexus Tower Technology), who was a normal DRACTRO until he accidentally absorbed an unstable copy of the Nexus Tower tech used to make Nexus Naomi. There are also some Maelstrom DRACTRO, but they are sealed away in a certain area. More information coming soon.

  • The front of the teleporter used to get the base in the time rift.
  • The back of the base teleporter.
  • DRACT Base Standard Lamp Post
  • Some DRACTRO (DRACT Robotic Operators)

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