The Biker is an Expeditioners faction specialty gear. It is the second Specialty.

Rank 3 biker concept.


Rank 1

The bike NEW

The concept art of the bike.

Rank 2

Biker Altrenate design

Rank 3

Rank 3

Biker Targeting Helm:

  • Shows dangerous enemies and treasure, Special grants speed boost for 15 seconds.
  • Heart +0 Armour +3 Imagination +1

Biker Spiked Chestplate:

  • Special shoots iron spikes all around the player, doing 5 damage, costing five imagination, and taking a 5 second recharge.
  • Heart +1 Armour +2 Imagination +2

Biker Torso:

  • Heart +0 Armour +2 Imagination +3

Biker Pants:

  • Heart +0 Armour +3 Imagination +2

Biker Custom Hovercylce:

  • Unique, as it serves as both a mount and a weapon.Pressing the attack key causes it to ram into enemies in the direction its facing, doing a 3+3+4 damage combo. Charge up can go farther and does 4 damage
  • Heart +0 Armour +4 Imagination +3

Biker Double Barrel Energy Pistol (offhand):

  • Shoots at the nearest enemies, doing 4 damage to up to 3 enemies each, costing 5 imagination and has a 7.5 second recharge.
  • Heart +0 Armour +0 Imagination +2

4 piece bonus:

  • Heart +0 Armour +1 Imagination +1

5 piece bonus: causes every enemy smashed to restore 1 imagination

6 piece bonus:

  • Heart +0 Armour +1 Imagination +1


  • Heart +1 Armour +16 Imagination +15

Imagination-Bladed Hovercycle

Imagination-Bladed Hovercycle

Valiant: Imagination-Bladed Hovercycle:
  • Works like the normal blade cycle, with a +4+4+4 damage combo, charge up goes further and does 5 damage. Offhand causes the player to jump into the air, then drop mines all around, each doing 4 damage.
  • Heart +0 Armour +5 Imagination +6


  • The Biker is unique as with the full set it he/she is constantly mounted.
  • Also unique is the fact that the hovercycle is both a weapon and a mount.
  • Tim Lapse is a biker who has modified his gear and hovercycle.

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