Baron Shadow
IMG 0691
Theme Maelstrom
World Unknown
Weapon/Tool Staff

Baron Shadow, is an image of terror that you will unexpectedly see after defeating your first maelstrom enemy, the Maelstrom Generator. After that first showing, his image will appear unexpectedly, about 2 or 3 more times through the game.

He has a black skeleton torso black head with flaming purple eyes, a black top hat and no legs, just a maelstrom flame under him to keep him afloat. He has a staff with a red, maelstrom roaring diamond on the top, and on the bottom, a sharp, dangerous maelstrom encrusted blade that would strike you with fear if Baron Shadow pleased.

Scary spirits appear from his back, flying around him, showing a sign of scariness, showing maelstrom can win by fear, and only fear. He has a paranormal voice that sends shivers down your spine, and has many demonic tricks up his sleeves. However, you may be thinking, but Baron was defeated by the Nexus Force, how could he possibly return like this? What is this? What is going on?

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