Arbelas Cestus
Arbelas Cestus Profile
Theme Medieval
World Kingdoms_World
Quote Where's the lavatorium?
Weapon/Tool Sword and Shield

Arbelas Cestus is one of Sir Mounted's knights who is also a major ancient history fanatic. He sometimes refers to different things in Latin, such as "Nexus Guards" to "Nectere Praetorians" or "Sailors" to"Nautae"


  • Both of his names are types of Roman gladiators.
  • His armor looks similar to those of the Praetorians from the movie Gladiator.
  • He gives missions to kill Maelstrom Victus Mortuus (or Maelstrom Living Dead, which is what he calls Stromlings or other Maelstrom creatures because they are like zombies in a way).

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