Anne Chient
Anne Chient
Theme Eclipse
World Nexus HQ
Quote The Maelstrom has many

secrets, we must find them all!

Weapon/Tool Stormshielder

Anne Chient is the Eclipse faction leader. As Vanda Darkflame's finest apprentice, she helped research the maelstrom. Once the maelstrom began rebuilding itself, Anne was sent to Sector 9 to help with the war effort. She took orders directly from Vanda originally, however, Vanda decided that it was best for her to learn how to handle things on her own. She shows no fear and will do anything to learn the secrets of the maelstrom. She wields a modified ancient weapon (which she nicknamed the Stromshielder) which can project Holostroms and create small distortions in space strong enough to teleport one minifig or make the user intangible to normal matter for a few seconds. She is a scientist that even Nick respects. After an accident while experimenting with Holostrom, her hair is part Holostrom.


  • Anne is the leader of the Eclipse.
  • Her name is a play on the word "ancient".
  • She uses many of X's designs.


Missions for Anne Chient

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