• Animal Acres, full view of area.
  • Animal Acres, Pet Tamer Base.
  • Coalessa Statue.
  • Launch pad.
  • Windigo Cave.
  • Pond Area.
Animal Acres is an area within
 Imagination Gardens, it's fairly big and full of many playful animals and pet tammers.

It contains many of the animals that were found in Sector 1 and is set apart from the rest of the Garden by a white fence. Part of the area is infected by Maelstrom Wolves and Eagles which will attack players outside of the protective shields.

There is also hidden teleport that takes players to the NNFF Station, as well as a launchpad to so far an Unknown location. Animal Acres is also inhabited by the mysterious Windigo



  • Critter Cove is a play on Pet Cove.
  • Critter Cove will be a Land on a World, not exactly a World.
  • Critter Cove will appear in an update to LNA, and will not be playable during the first release.
  • You will be able to explore Critter Cove but not be able to get a pet till you join a faction on Bob Plaza .
  • Animal Acres pre-alpha and alpha names were Animal Cove and Critter Cove but these were changed to make more sence.

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