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Old LNA member models

Hey everyone, This is Zaxzax12 again, asking everyone for any models they made in Blender or Sketchup for LNA to send them to me here:

Why you may ask? Well because in order for Brick and I to get the new LNA game out there we need as much models done as possible. So if everyone who has some models they made for LNA would please send them to me that would be great. :)

Thanks Sincerely Zaxzax12.

P.S. This is for all old LNA Members only

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Are you fine on my account?
What do you mean?

Zax, please read your e-mail.

I have some old prototypes of login screen, and their respective program code. Do you want it?

Well we will be making a new login screen but we could take a look a look at it and see if we can use it for the new one. :)

@Gstomi Where have you been? You've been gone for months... :/

@Zax I meant if you need any of my LDD models. It doesn't seem like it, but I thought I'd make sure. :)

Ok, I don't think I do but if I do I will make sure to ask. :)


Hello Atom,

For me school is top priority, so, i've been studying. I was also learning how to programming (Focus on Objective-C, because my mom bought a book and learning advanced C++ concepts) and was also training for Math, programming and robotics national Olympiads, and that filled my open spaces in the routine. I am also doing sports everyday, to get a little bit thiner. And i was also reading some philosophy books. Then, i didn't had much free time for computer games development...

Thanks, Gstomi1