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Frequently Asked Questions

Nexus Adventures General QA/FQ
Q: Is Nexus Adventures a new LEGO Universe?
A: Nexus Adventures is a fan-made LEGO video game that is based on the story-line of LEGO Universe, but takes place some time after the story-line of LEGO Universe.

Q: Will there be the same worlds, NPC's, Gear, and enemies as in LU?
A: There may be similar worlds, NPC's, Gear, and enemies, but not the exact same.

Q: When will the game come out?
A: The game is currently under development, and there is no planned alpha, beta, or release date yet. We hope to have the game done by 2016 or 2017 with a beta in 2014; and alpha in 2015.

Q: Can't you speed it up, you know make it come faster?
A: We would like nothing better, but with members schedules as they are it makes it very hard to speed up the development process.

Q: What platforms is the game planned for?
A: Nexus Adventures is planned to be a computer game for Windows, Linux, and Mac.

Q: How much will the game cost?
A: Since this game is based on LEGO products we cannot make money off their copyrights (the brick, and minifigure). This game is planned to be a free game for the public to play and enjoy.

Q: What is it rated?
A: Nexus Adventures is aiming for a game to be for all ages, not specificity for kids, and not for adults. Being a fan-game, it will not be rated by ESRB or other game rating companies.

Q: Can I join the team?
A: We need people who are friendly and trustworthy you will also need one or more of the following qualifications:
UnityScript or C# Programers (who are proficient with Unity3D).''
3D models who are experienced with Blender 3D.
<br />2D Artists to create concepts and other media (such as GUIs)
Composers who can compose music in a computer program such as GarageBand or MuseScore, or can play an instrument and record it to the computer.
If you meet one or more of those qualifications, please visit the Join Page  to register.

Q: Will There Be Single Player or Multi-Player?
A: There will be single player during alpha. Multi-Player will be worked into the final release.

Q: Is Multi-Player finished yet?
A: No it is not finished yet, and will not be for a long while.

Q: Can I Alpha Test?
A: Alpha testing will be public and available to all those with a Wiki, or WordPress account.

Q: Can I make/design NPC's, Vendors, or enemies using LEGO Digital Designer, LeoCad, or other design programs?
A: Designs and ideas for these things are greatly welcome. But we do ask that you post your ideas on the Nexus Adventures Suggestion wiki until approved by our leader.

Q: Will there be invaders? Like on Crux Prime.
A: There may be some type of invaders within the game, but it hasn't been decided yet.

Q: LNA Demo Login Screen. I have the LNA demos and login, but it keeps asking me for a user name and password, what do I do?
A: We are very sorry to inform you the the Login Screen/Screens are merely tests and do not work.

Q: Can I help in other ways?
A: If you have an idea but do not fit any of the qualifications above, please visit the Nexus Adventures Suggestion wiki. (You must have a Wikia account to contribute!)

Q: Do you have a theme song for LNA?
A: Yes we do and you can hear is along with many other compositions by our composers on our Youtube channel.

Q: Are you doing voice-actors on it?
A: Not for anything ingame, but for at least the one opening video their will be a voice actor or four. ;)

Q: And what will the way the minifigures move be like? Like LEGO Universe, where it was all cartoony? Or like the LEGO Movie, where it was stop-motion?
A: The movement of the minifigures within the game will be like LU, but we may have a section featuring Emmet. And he along with anyone else in that area will move more like on the LEGO Movie.

Q: What will the plot(s) be?
A: The plot of the story can be found here: Story Department along with a few subplots.

Q: And can will there be funny jokes?
A: Yes, this is a LEGO based game so humor will be included within the missions, achievements, etc..

Q: Can you only get access to the game with wikia accounts or not?
A: For Alpha and Beta test we may only select those with both a wikia and wordpress account. But we aren't certain on how we will determine the testers.

Q: Is this like a private server thing?
A: No it isn't. We are an independent game team and not part of any private LU server projects.

Q: Is there gonna be a launcher and everything?
A: Yes. Eventually we will have a launcher available.

Q: Will this be like Lego Universe?
A: Yes. It will be "like" LEGO Universe, but not a copy.

Q: Will we be able to see each-other like in LU?
A: We are working on a multiplayer capability. But something a large as LU won't be available any time soon.

If you have any more questions, please contact a staff member or comment on this topic!
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